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Old Cross
OldCrossStn PlatformS ViewW.png
A Line 6 train approaches the front of the southern platform, headed for Anju Crossing Central.
LocationAnju Crossing
Coordinates🌍 -220,14,310 (map)
Platforms2 (+2 disused)
Tracks2 (+2 disused)
Other information
Station codeAnj (overlaps with Anju Crossing Central)
Preceding station   Spawn Subway   Following station
toward Library

Old Cross is a station on the Spawn Subway network, serving Line 6. It is located in the east of Anju Crossing.

The station's construction is nice overall, mostly of sandstone of various shapes, with elements of glo stone for lighting as well as accents of desert stone. It is roofed with glass and has windows of obsidian glass. The ground level has a floor of silver sandstone cobble like the path outside.

The station code Anju overlaps with Anju Crossing Central and should probably be changed so that the destination displays can be fixed.


The station opened in 2019 as Anju Crossing and was a stop for E1 and S12 trains as well as Line 6. The regional services were moved west to a new station at Anju Crossing Central, and this station was renamed Old Cross. As part of the Quadruplicate Spawn-Personhood Mainline project, that station had four parallel tracks added so that express trains could overtake local trains, something that was not possible at Old Cross.