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Pancakes' Small Park
Pancakes small park.png
Entrance to Pancakes' Small Park
General information
AddressSakharov Street, next to Pancakes' Skyscraper
Coordinates🌍 -228,14,-276

Pancakes' Small Park was made as a joke submission to the March 2020 Garden Contest. Pancakes overheard there is a size limit for how big submissions can be, but not for how small they can be. So, she decided to make the smallest possible park, while still including all the features the contest asks for. Pancakes made a 2 by 2 (4 blocks) area surrounded in fences. She put water in one hole, this would be her water feature. On the next block, she placed down a bench. Then she placed a flower and a sign that reads "Really Relaxing" since the park needed to be relaxing. She also added a cobble path.

The slogan of the park is "This park may not be the best, but it certainly is the smallest."

Pancakes made it as a joke but some players ended up thinking it was really funny. SharkAttack thought it was even better than Pancakes' real submission.