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{{Navbox Personhood Metrorail Lines}}

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Person Bridge Station
Person Bridge Station.png
Looking southwest towards Person Bridge station
Coordinates🌍 1307,17,2650 (map)
Line(s)Spawn-Personhood Mainline
Other information
Station codePbr

Person Bridge Station was a station along the S14 line of the Personhood Metrorail, due west of Personhood South. It served as the terminus for the S14 line until late November or early December 2019 when the Quadruplicate Spawn-Personhood Mainline project led to the reconfiguration and extension of the S14 line to Shore. Since then, the station remains unused along the tracks now used exclusively by the E1 line.

The station is above ground and has a single platform made with iron stone brick that sits alongside the south side of the two tracks.