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If you have any problems with the railways and can't fix them yourself, or just don't have time, put them on this page so that someone with authority can.

This page is mainly for smaller issues. Don't forget to mail subway_trouble for important issues (the email address in the server login message).

Line 6


  • Line 3 platform at Riverside station has line 6 signs. These are actually indicating which way to go to get to that platform.

Broken destination displays

Put any places where a train's destination displays wrongly here.

Between stations

  • Between Edenwood and Edenwood Beach on Line 2.
  • Heading from Jungle to Cow Bridge on Line 1.
  • Heading from Origin to Watson-Crick Street on Line 1.
  • Heading from Eiffel Street to Banana Forest on Line 2.


Bad signage

  • At Smacker's Land of Hope and Glory, AHRAZHUL's station and Large Beach Stations on Line 3, the signs say @nana. This seems to be a form of sign macro indirection: U3S->nana->Bananame
  • Much of Line 6 is poorly signed or refers to Clockwise/Counterclockwise ring without even using sign macros. Please fix to use proper macros.
    • Sacharow Street on Line 6 has no platform signage
    • No indication of termini at Agbar, Pancake Jungle, Coulomb street; no indication of line at Pancake Jungle or Agbar
  • No signs anywhere to name these stations, only onboard trains:
    • Mountain South
    • Mountain View

References to an old terminus

Put any places where a reference is made to the old terminus of a railway line that has since been extended or re-routed.

  • Line 7 platform at Cathedral towards north terminus isn't a macro sign and still refers to North Harbour.


Put any high level informational problems here, such as out of date information.

  • Wiki pages need to be made for every subway station
  • The spawn subway network map is horribly out of date