South Forest

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South Forest
Location of South Forest
Coordinates: 🌍 285,9,-2045 (map)
 • Mayor⚖️ dhausmig

South Forest is a former noob town managed by ⚖️ dhausmig; it was the first noob town. It has its own metro, line 21. It is served by lines E2, NX and formerly by Dry Island - Bamboo Hills.

In early 2019, Dry Island was the only active part of South Forest. Now that Hume2 is gone, the whole area is basically dead - uninhabited by current players. The main reason to visit now is for tourism, and to look for deals in the shops, though the supplies in the shops are dwindling because of their age.


South Forest is a very rough and hilly archipelago located south of Spawn. Owing to the unevenness of the terrain, the subway is a very effective way of travelling, as it cuts through the mountains and tunnels below the ocean. South Forests' waters are also very navigable, with wide open bays between the islands.

Main locales include Dubulti, Dry Island, the Main Island, and South Forest Island:

  • Dubulti is on the furthest west point still considered South Forest.
  • Dry Island lies west across the bay from the Main Island.
  • South Forest Island is located north of the Main Island.
  • The east is sparsely settled, probably owing to the extreme hilliness of that area.

Al-Jawhari Street is a generated path that runs from Dubulti in the west, through the main island, where it has a level crossing with the subway, east through the suburbia of the Main Island and swings wide over the bay, intersecting the other generated path, Duff Road, twice before continuing east out of South Forest. Duff Road forms a loop around the east bay and north into the less settled islands.

Dubulti & Acacia Mountains

Dubulti is very well built area by Aplay. It sits in the shadow of Greenhat Mountain, so named because of its peak, which has green grass. There are 3 subway stations: Greenhat Mountain (which also has regional trains), Dubulti and Pence Avenue. There is a hydro-electricity substation, a steam train depot, nice park, and partially constructed apartment complex.

South out of Dubulti is Hume2's Overunderground Tower, made of frost wood. South into the mountains you will find the way back north to the peak of Greenhat Mountain. There is also a trampoline course built by gabriel. Unfortunately the course is quite griefed so you will not be able to jump all the way to Dubulti properly. Be careful to watch your step out in the mountains, it is known there has been at least one fatal mountain biking accident in the area.

Main Island

The Main Island is by far the flattest area of South Forest, which is why it is the most built out. Unfortunately almost all of the land is now claimed, if sometimes not built on. At least, not built up on the surface level: Besides the east-west subway which is in operation today, there is also an unused complex of tunnels for a north-south line from South Forest Island to east side of the bay and beyond to the continent south of South Forest.

The main railway station is at the absolute centre of South Forest. Players can teleport here with the command /sf. A main avenue leads south for quite a while, eventually becoming reclaimed land. The road north out of the station quickly hits a T-intersection onto Jude Milhon Street. Shops dominate the landscape on Jude Milhon Street and the avenue going south from the main staiton. West on Jude Milhon Street leads to the Island Shuttle and Condominiums, east leads to the Cactus Farm on and then into the mountainous areas, ending at the ocean. From there the subway continue east, or road access is provided by Al-Jawhari Street.

The Condominium complex is the tallest structure in the wider South Forest archipelago, and definitely among the tallest in the server, at around 300 metres tall. It was constructed by Template:Dhausmig, almost entirely out of sandstone bricks. Rooms are 100 MG and you can modify your room. Windows optional.

South Forest Island

South Forest Island lies north of the main island, a short shuttle ride away. The shuttle departs from a station on Al-Jawhari street. The station can be reached by walking from the main station by first walking north onto Jude Milhon Street, then west until Al-Jawhari street and finally a short walk north. The station is on the west side.

The island mostly unspoiled grassland that rises sharply to a peak, where Thomas-S and Template:Elisabeth live, though they are not the only occupants of the island - there are at least 5 others. In the west there is an artificial snowy area and a statue of 'Sam'. The foothills and coast of the rest of the island are dotted with some signs of settlement, mostly swamped by foliage.

Dry Island


South Forest is thought to have been settled almost entirely in 2017 and possibly into 2018. It was probably targetted for settlement as space became limited around Spawn and Origin. Like most noob towns, the idea is to direct most new players to settle in an area with few restrictions and a lot of easily buildable land naerby.

No settlement is known to have occurred in 2019 except a small floating house in the west bay by the new player Technicl_guy.

The construction of the railway to South Forest from Spawn is though to have been done by 👑 gabriel and ⚖️ orwell. It is not known whether the railway or the teleport existed first.

In 2018 or 2019, Hume2 settled at Dry Island, and built the Dry Island - Bamboo Hills line.

In December 2019, DURT was granted operation of the subway and upgraded the tunnels and bridges, as well as re-signalling.


There is still land to support a modest number of players, mostly in hilly terrain however.

There is an unsightly shittle near Green Edge Station that goes to Flow's shop in the south of the main island. It travels over water with a 1 node wide cobblestone platform. It should be replaced with a ferry instead.

DURT wants the government to consider some projects:

  • To connect the South Forest Island shuttle directly to the Main Station,
  • To operate service 1-2 stations south of that on the built-but-never-used subway line that runs beneath the Main Station
  • To possibly operate a short subway route in the tunnels that go north from the main station. As this may compete with the South Forest Island shuttle, service would not run all the way to the northern island but stop on the main island.

It is possible that there is a lack of interest in these projects, and they may never occur.

Things to do in South Forest

  • Ride the subway and appreciate the curvy tunnels.
  • Go to Dry Island and look at the programmable crafting line.
  • Buy a condominium at the local 300 metre tall condominium tower.
  • Jump on some trampolines in the Acacia Mountains. Sadly, the course has been griefed and is incomplete.
  • Find a small scrap of the remaining land downtown to build on.
  • Build your own shop or suburb near a less-settled subway station.
  • Go to Outer Limits Station and catch a ferry to Four Towers