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{{BS|ABZrf||<small>to Lighthouse</small>}}
{{BS|ABZrf||<small>to Lighthouse</small>}}
{{BS|ABZrf||<small>to [[Wolf Rock]] ([[Euler Street-Wolf Rock Railway]])</small>}}
{{BS|ABZrf||<small>to [[Wolf Rock]] ([[Euler Street-Wolf Rock Railway]])</small>}}
{{BS|ABZlg||<small>from [[Trump Express]] tunnel</small>}}
{{BS|ABZlg||<small>from [[Trump Express Lines|Trump Express]] tunnel</small>}}
{{BS|hSTR||<small>Bridge over sea</small>}}
{{BS|hSTR||<small>Bridge over sea</small>}}

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Spawn-Shanielle Park
Route map
Spawn Main Station
towards South Forest
from Spawn 21
to Euler Street Station (see here)
Mountain South
to Lighthouse
to Wolf Rock (Euler Street-Wolf Rock Railway)
from Trump Express tunnel
Bridge over sea
to Mom Junction elevated rail
Mom Junction
to Mom Junction local shuttle rails
from Mom Junction elevated rail
Mom junction tunnel
Bridge over sea
Padrana Peninsula
Melinka Town Mainline

This railway line connected the Spawn main station with the Shanielle Park area in the southwest. It was originally built by User:Trump using worldedit. It is the first long-distance railway line of the server, and is considered a shittle.

In 2018, User:Orwell installed proper bridges and tunnels on the line up to Padrana Peninsula. In early 2019, interlocking was installed on mentioned section. The section Padrana Peninsula - Wolf Rock however stayed in its original state.

In May 2019, orwell cut off the tracks after Most! and changed the layout of the Melinka Town Mainline Junction at Padrana Peninsula. (The latter has caused much controversy as orwell mercylessly removed parts of the flying junction using worldedit without permission of the builders, and is one of the reasons for his nomination as Griefer of the Year.) The Padrana - Most! section is now a dead-end. The tracks beyond Most! will be demolished according to Retrace lines in South-West quarter.