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|map =  
|map =  
KBHFa_orange~~[[Lighthouse Subway Station|Lighthouse]]
KBHFa_orange~~[[Lighthouse Subway Station|Lighthouse]]
BHF_orange~~[[Gram-Schmidt Street Subway Station|Gram-Schmidt Street]]
HST_orange~~[[Gram-Schmidt Street Subway Station|Gram-Schmidt Street]]
BHF_orange~~[[Mountain Valley Subway Station|Mountain Valley]]
HST_orange~~[[Mountain Valley Subway Station|Mountain Valley]]
BHF_orange~~[[Mountain Subway Station|Mountain]]
BHF_orange~~[[Mountain Subway Station|Mountain]]
BHF_orange~~[[John Conway Street Subway Station|John Conway Street]]
INT_orange~~[[John Conway Street Subway Station|John Conway Street]] {{4}}
BHF_orange~~[[Library Station|Library]]
INT_orange~~[[Library Station|Library]] {{6}} {{E4}}
BHF_orange~~[[Tom Lehrer Street Subway Station|Tom Lehrer Street]]
INT_orange~~[[Tom Lehrer Street Subway Station|Tom Lehrer Street]] {{1}} {{3}}
BHF_orange~~[[Cathedral Subway Station|Cathedral]]
INT_orange~~[[Cathedral Subway Station|Cathedral]] {{2}} {{3}} {{7}}
BHF_orange~~[[BlackDog Subway Station|BlackDog]]
BHF_orange~~[[BlackDog Subway Station|BlackDog]] {{3}} {{7}}
BHF_orange~~[[Reactor Subway Station|Reactor]]
INT_orange~~[[Reactor Subway Station|Reactor]] {{3}} {{7}}
BHF_orange~~[[Jungle Island Subway Station|Jungle Island]]
BHF_orange~~[[Jungle Island Subway Station|Jungle Island]]
BHF_orange~~[[Erdos Street Subway Station|Erdos Street]]
INT_orange~~[[Erdos Street Subway Station|Erdos Street]] {{1}} {{4}}
BHF_orange~~[[Edenwood Subway Station|Edenwood]]
INT_orange~~[[Edenwood Subway Station|Edenwood]] {{2}} {{2a}}
BHF_orange~~[[Theodor Adorno Street Subway Station|Theodor Adorno Street]]
BHF_orange~~[[Theodor Adorno Boulevard Subway Station|Theodor Adorno Boulevard]] {{1}}
BHF_orange~~[[Rockefeller Runway Subway Station|Rockefeller Runway]]
INT_orange~~[[Rockefeller Runway Subway Station|Rockefeller Runway]] {{1}}
BHF_orange~~[[Leekston Subway Station|Leekston]]
INT_orange~~[[Leekston Subway Station|Leekston]] {{AZ}}
BHF_orange~~[[Leekston Jungle Station|Leekston Jungle]]
INT_orange~~[[Leekston Jungle Station|Leekston Jungle]] {{AZ}}
KBHFe_orange~~[[Leekston East Station|Leekston East]]
KINTe_orange~~[[Leekston East Station|Leekston East]] {{XN}}

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Spawn Subway Line 5
SystemSpawn Subway
LocaleSpawn, Origin and Leekston
TerminiLeekston East
Line number5
Number of tracks2
Route map

Gram-Schmidt Street
Mountain Valley
John Conway Street 4
Library 6 E4
Tom Lehrer Street 1 3
Cathedral 2 3 7
BlackDog 3 7
Reactor 3 7
Jungle Island
Erdos Street 1 4
Edenwood 2 2a
Theodor Adorno Boulevard 1
Rockefeller Runway 1
Leekston ATL-Z
Leekston Jungle ATL-Z
Leekston East XN

Spawn Subway Line 5 is a service of the Spawn Subway network that runs from Leekston East to Lighthouse via Edenwood and Spawn.