Sraczka2's Village

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Sraczka2's Village
View of the village from the east.
View of the village from the east.
Coordinates: 🌍 -5305,32,-3189 (map)
Founded bySraczka2

Sraczka2's Village is a beautiful farming village built by User:Sraczka2. The paths are made from desert sandstone and there are many sakura trees. Its buildings include a hotel, a public farm, a supermarket, and various houses. Its train station is serviced by regional service E3. There is aasarctic enclosure with penguins named after various users, but they are stuck inside the outside walls and seem miserable. Next to it, visitors find a 30-node-high statue of Sraczka2, by far the tallest structure in the village.

On the east side of the railway station is Sraczka2's Library.

martinalol10's farm

In the northwest corner of the village, User:martinalol10 owns an extensive farm with many different types of livestock and several farmhouses.