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A very hard route to put together

The foremost concern is that Spawn Subway as a whole is mostly irrelevant since the area it serves not particarly well-played-in compared to newer areas. This is the main reason it is very hard to put forward a good case for any extensions of the system. There are also a lot of landowners and a lot of underground structures that block easy or quick construction. Lastly, the hardest selling point for any new line is usage and statistically the new line would probably hardly be used. Given the [S20]] service through to Trap City via Apple Grove as well as the express service E2 from Spawn to Origin, plus how easy and short a walk it is to transfer between stations in Spawn, service time from Origin to Apple Grove is probably hard to improve on. Trips across the outer north perimeter are just not likely to happen either. Most of the stations on the extension see little to no player activity, so in terms of time cost to build to line compared to walking, it probably would take a long time to pay back the construction time and effort.

Marcuse Street

Conflicts with the current alignment that stops at Hardware Store. Hardware store is already close enough to Marcuse. survivalg might object because of the impact to his customer base at the Hardware Store.

Watson-Crick Street

Even if a subway (or elevated!) platform can be made at Marcuse Street, routing it to Watson-Crick is nearly impossible. Subway Line 2 has a subway station right in the road of the route going north, then Felfa's house has a large basement, so Felfa might object.

Pierre Berton Street

This section might be viable but it would probably have to cross Line 4 at grade before heading west. Honestly I think the tram tracks from Marcuse Street to Berton Street are probably the easiest way to have a direct connection between the two, though it obviously precludes through-service.

Djungle City

Would have to be a deep tunnel since it goes directly underneath a river.

Anju Crossing

You would need permission for a new tunnel direct from Djungle City to Anju Crossing Central from anju64.

Volcano Cliffs

Would need permission from anju64 to continue the tunnel west. Most of the route would be in a tunnel until you reach Volcano Cliffs, and you need to make turns or at least a diagonal and straight section inside that tunnel.

Large Beach

The existing route from Volcano Cliffs is not a long walk though through to Anju Crossing it is. The terrain is harder than your straight lines seem to make it and involves a lot of sand that can cause trouble unless you build on the surface or dig a deep tunnel.

Desert View, Desert Mountain and Apple Grove

There is already the shuttle from Large Beach to Desert View then onto Birch Bay Station. You would have to cross the S20 mainline then join the Line 4 tracks, but there is not really any space between the subway tracks and the regional tracks to do it grade-separated. You could also build a new track pair, though the S20 really needs an extra track. Possibly you would be digging a lot of tunnels northwards and laying three new tracks. You couldn't easily put the new Line 8 tracks on the west of the Line 2 tracks since the line 2 tracks are already at the western extremity of some cliff faces so you would need to build a whole new bridge section through Green Hope etc. If you put them on the east, you would need to be careful to leave space for the extra S20 track.

Ultimately your arrival at Apple Grove would probably need its own set of platforms, probably diving down to the level of the Line 1 platforms at Apple Grove but not going north of them.

You would also need co-operation from ⚖️ Och_Noe for the entire section from Volcano Clfifs to Apple Grove as it is basically all in the Great Birch Bay Area and he owns the shuttle tracks.