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* [[V Tecta Union Station]]
* [[V Tecta Union Station]]
===Completed or Ceased Work===
===Completed or Ceased Work===
* [[Aliena Urbe]]<br>
* [[Aliena Urbe]] is a canceled city in the far east {{Co|6900|10|-100}}<br>
* [[X Nihilo Mainline]]<br>
* [[X Nihilo Mainline]]<br>
* [[X Nihilo Regional Station]]<br>
* [[X Nihilo Regional Station]]<br>

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About Me

I am a student in the Midwest of the US. I have basic coding knowledge but am actively expanding what I know in multiple languages.

Things I Like

  • Trains
  • FMA (Fullmetal Alchemist) I prefer FMA:B over 2003 : ) And 503 is otp
  • Computers/Technology
  • Coding
  • Aerospace


August 2018 - March 2019

BreadBox64 is a player who was active from around August 2018 up to the end of December of that year. He was a major factor in the construction of the X Nihilo Mainline as well as building the X Nihilo Subway and most of X Nihilo Regional station. He also began work on two abandoned projects, one of which is a high-speed underground train line which is still accessible through a small structure in X Nihilo. The other was the plans of a city called Aliena Urbe, which have been spray-painted by usage along with some train tracks having been laid.

November 2019 - February 2020

BreadBox64 started construction on V Tecta and built the base of the Department of Transport building.

Februray 2020 - Present

BreadBox64 started Vector Transport Initiative and the construction of the VTI Kerbin Line to Personhood West Station along with V Tecta Union Station


Planned or Under Consideration

Under Construction

Completed or Ceased Work