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[[File:Fig1 digt.png|thumb]]
[[File:Fig1 digt.png|thumb]]
[[File:Fig1 digt.png|caption]]
Ingridients: <br>
Ingridients: <br>

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Some guides that I found missing ...


Fig1 digt.png


1x crate - to transport ditron from place to place.
1x control module (simple, or automatic)
1 (-3) x inventory storage, to store the minerals.
1 x combined storage , fuel injector and storing useful stuff( torches/glow blocks, extra screw driver, fuel, boxes, axe, showel, emergency food, etc ...)
1 x rotation axel - to rotate whole structure once
1 x builder module - to place torches
min. 6+ x digger heads. (width x height)

In materials:

Building guide:
Place digger heads such that the rotating/digging side is in front (orange connector rear side).

Fig2 digt.png

Note that width should be symmetrical around the central axis and rotation axel should be placed in centr in order to conveniently rotate the digtron around its axis (See Fig.1).
Dimensions of digging face should be (height x ( 2 x half-width + 1) ).

Height of digitron: up to the builder - depends if you need to reach the ceiling.
Should be also symmetric around the central axis to avoid rotation errors (dashed lines on Fig 1.).

Falling gravel sand damages structure blocks (grey on Fig. 1) if they are uncovered from top. Make sure they are covered by other blocks (i.e. inventory).

Place buildin module to the edges of the digtron to place items generating light :
- top Extrusion: 1, Period: 10-15 ; Offset: 0, Facing: 0

Fig3 digt.png

- left:

- right:

- Digtorn moves relative to control unit.
- Surplus cobbles, which do not fit to the inventory, will be droped behind the control unit. - Falling gravel sand damages structure blocks (grey on fig.). Make sure they are covered by other blocks (i.e. inventory).
- Use screwdriver to alter the rotation direction.
- Sign on rotation axis (<) clockwise, (>) anticlockwise. Use screwdriver to alter it.
- Smaller/larger digtrons should follow the symmetry between half-width (Wh) and rotation axel (Fig.1 dashed blocks).

Recharging unit

Fig2 battery.png

Scheme for above.

Fig1 battery.png

LUA controller code (credit to: ywang)

 local delay = 1 -- This value should not be lower than 2 (lag prevention)
 local channel = "lcd" -- Channel to report the status to
 if event.type == "interrupt" then
   if pin.d then
     if (not(port.c)) then mem.counter = mem.counter + 1 end
     digiline_send(channel, tostring(mem.counter).." | Enabled")
     port.c = not (port.c)
     digiline_send(channel, tostring(mem.counter).." | Disabled")
 if event.type == "program" then
   mem.counter = 0