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Hi I'm tztr. I live live in Morija at the monument build by me.

me and my home in Morija at the monument

  • things I don't like:
greedy players
people spaming the chat

  • thing I like:
anything that has to do with building, especially railways
helping others so if you need some resources ask me and I will see what i can do

ideas for a contest

made in signleplayer with worldedit
Cave tztr.png
black:border of the cave, red border of the area where you can build
black:border of the cave, red border of the area where you can build, green. main dome ...

a dome city made from bright glow glass in a huge cave this is only made in single player with worldedit. the domes would be connected with (a rail?). There would be a main dome providing energy and a connection to the rest of the world, hotel?, technic station? ... .

All this is only some kind of first plan so there is no approval for this and not sure if there will a plan published.

If you like/dislike this kind of contest/the idea feel free to tell me that, if you have ideas, what to change, suggestions, see problems or whatever please tell me.