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Current Petitions


Petition started by User:Smacker

Vote for or against adding the facade mod to the server.

The mod has partial functional overlap with mymillwork — both mods provide elements intended for use in cornices. However, facade provides larger and simpler elements, while mymillwork provides finer and smaller elements suitable for both exterior and interior application. On the image below the cornice in the top is from facade mod, while the lower one is from mymillwork.

Cornice comparison

The mod uses only essential materials (2 stone types, 3 sandstone types, and bakedclay) that color-match well. So far it is aimed at creative use only (or at being used with another chisel mod), but yours truly made a machine to act as CNC or mill, and hopefully it will find its way into the mod. Until that time, voting can take place all the same.

Write your nickname into the chosen column. Thanks for voting!

For Neutral Against
ywang (yw05)

Comment by nanepiwo: Do you think this will go well with columnia mod?


Old Votes


Vote for or against adding the mymillwork mod to the server. Write your nickname into the chosen column. Thanks for voting!

For Against Neutral
Lordy Och_Noe
CalebJ Maverick2797
Coram Ywang
ARSE7 eliza
Smacker trap

gabriel has duly noted the result.

Mymillwork has been added to the server nouw. --Gabriel (talk) 10:24, 7 June 2019 (CEST)